Menschenleer: Fotografie von Katherine Newbegin in der Galerie Open


Photography by Katherine Newbegin at Galerie Open

Someone there? No, in photos by Katherine Newbegin there is guaranteed not a person to be found. Everything here seems abandoned, regardless of whether the New York Artist is capturing a hotel, cinema, or café in Romania, Poland, or Germany. Traces of every person who shaped the location are visible however.

Newbegin, who amongst other things worked as an assistant for the German star photographer Candida Höfer, refrains from any subsequent staging. The furniture and pictures have not been moved and yet the bright red fire extinguisher looks like a staged element.

The results of the subtle search for what’s left behind are authentic documents of the relationships between people, interiors, and architecture. The comforts of living spaces are searched for in vain. Newbegin’s photos show genuine habitats in which occupants have placed together, according to their own aesthetic sense, that which according to objective criteria perhaps cannot even begin to be side by side.

Yet the objects merge together and prove that the public space can also be a bizarre, personally charged place.

-Christiane Meixner

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